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    211722 - Racquetball, Intermediate

    An intermediate course that reviews the basic shots (forehand, backhand, ceiling, lob serve, and drive serve) and develops more advanced shots (pinch shots, kill shots, splat shot and z serve). Skill and strategy will be developed through drills and competitive play. Racquets, balls, and safety goggles are supplied to all class participants at the pro shop for no additional charge. Participants must wear non-marking court shoes.

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    211722-0102/17/15- 05/04/15See DetailsSee DetailsSee Details$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    211833 - Squash, Beginning

    An introduction to the basic strokes, rules of the game, and its scoring systems. Players will learn the service and serve-return positioning, along with developing the rudimentary skills necessary to sustain a rally. Racquets, balls and eyeguards provided. Participants are encouraged to wear non-marking sneakers with adequate heel stability (to prevent ankle injury.)

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    211833-0202/04/15- 04/15/15W 7:00P- 8:00PFitRec$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    212166 - Tennis, Beginning

    Introduction to the rules and fundamental practices of the game. This course covers instruction in basic strokes, techniques, rules, and playing in game situations. Participants must provide their own tennis rackets.

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    212166-0103/21/15- 04/25/15Sa10:00A- 11:00ATrack & Tennis Ctr.$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    212166-0203/21/15- 04/25/15Sa11:00A- 12:00PTrack & Tennis Ctr.$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    212277 - Tennis, Intermediate

    This course focuses on improving the execution of the forehand, backhand, serve, and volley, as well as developing other game-enhancing shots such as the lob, overhead, and drop shot. Singles and doubles strategies are also covered for improved competitive play.

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    212277-0103/21/15- 04/25/15Sa12:00P- 1:00PTrack & Tennis Ctr.$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    212277-0203/21/15- 04/25/15Sa 1:00P- 2:00PTrack & Tennis Ctr.$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    212388 - Tennis, Advanced

    This course takes the game to a higher level by mastering acquired skills and strokes. The course also provides increased emphasis on game strategy and endurance.

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    212388-0103/21/15- 04/25/15Sa 9:00A- 10:00ATrack & Tennis Ctr.$13017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214090 - Boxing

    Learn boxing basics starting with stance and hand placement and proceeding to the jab, the straight right, hooks, and uppercuts. Learn how to slip, duck, and parry a jab; practice counter-punches and footwork. Get a great aerobic workout and walk away with improved self-confidence.

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    214090-B101/20/15- 04/30/15Tu, Th12:00P- 1:00PFitRec$20517 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214100 - Kickboxing

    This combination of American and traditional Thai kickboxing is a full-body, high-intensity workout that challenges muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. Traditional Muay Thai uses fists, elbows, knees, and feet as tools of self-defense. Focus pads and kicking shields are used to teach correct punching and kicking techniques.

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    214100-A101/20/15- 04/30/15Tu, Th 1:00P- 2:00PFitRec$20517 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214140 - Cricket, Beginning

    Beginning level course including the history and rules of cricket. Basic skills will be explored with an emphasis on batting, bowling and fielding techniques. By the end of the course, students will be familiar ith the fundamentals of cricket and be able to participate in practice games. Equipment will be provided.

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    214140-A101/21/15- 04/29/15See DetailsSee DetailsSee Details$19517 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214180 - Golf, Beginning

    Instruction regarding grip, posture, alignment and swinging applied to irons and woods. Classes are conducted indoors and equipment is provided.

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    214180-A101/20/15- 04/28/15Tu10:00A- 11:00ATrack & Tennis Ctr.$18017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    214180-D101/22/15- 04/30/15Th10:00A- 11:00ATrack & Tennis Ctr.$18017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214310 - Marathon Training 2

    This course will provide information focused on a structured training plan for individuals wanting to complete a marathon by the end of the semster, with the possibility of gaining official entry into the Boston Marathon. (There is no guarantee of entry into the Boston Marathon). Content will cover a review of athlete nutrition, injury prevention strategies and the creation of a training program. In addition, topics such as appropriate progression of training, incorporating speed and tempo sessions into a running program, as well as psychological aspects of distance running will be discussed. The creation of fundraising strategies to help students involved with charity running teams will also be covered. The course will meet twice a week for an hour and half. Students must have prior marathon experience and/or consistently run 15-20 miles per week.

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    214310-A101/20/15- 04/30/15Tu, Th 8:00A- 9:30AFitRec$30017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214330 - Coached Running

    New to running? Experienced but looking for a few running partners? Hoping to run your first 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon or marathon? Or are you just hoping to start a fitness plan you can stick with? Join us for a running class. All levels are welcome.
    In this class you will meet new running partners and explore Boston area running trails all while getting the help you need to meet your individual running goals. Information on nutrition, the psychology of distance running, cross training and injury prevention will also be provided.

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    214330-0103/17/15- 04/23/15Tu, Th 6:30A- 7:30AFitRec$12017 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214370 - Volleyball, Advanced

    Advanced class intended for those who have had years of exposure to competitive volleyball. Intermediate skills are reviewed and practiced and complex offenses and defenses are incorporated into class scrimmages.

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    214370-B101/20/15- 04/30/15Tu, Th12:00P- 1:00PFitRec$20517 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    214465 - Foil Fencing

    Includes basic techniques and tactics of modern foil fencing, a historical outline of fencing, and practice of the sport for fun, exercise, and/or competition. Equipment is provided.

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    214465-A101/20/15- 04/30/15Tu, Th10:00A- 11:00AFitRec$20517 years +Item DetailsAdd to Cart
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