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    312500 - Pilates-based Conditioning

    Students explore the fundamental pilates techniques and practice simple, targeted exercises. Focus is on balancing flexibility with strength so each individual can develop the coordination necessary for healthy biomechanics resulting in effortless good posture and core strength. Beginners and those with previous pilates experience will find a safe, supportive environment. Come ready to focus, explore and discover!

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    312500-0207/11/16- 08/08/16M 5:30P- 6:30PFitRec$8017 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    312500-0407/14/16- 08/11/16Th 5:00P- 6:00PFitRec$8017 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312517 - Pilates Apparatus, Intermed

    Semi-private interim session lessons with Monica

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312517-MB05/04/16- 05/25/16W 7:00A- 8:00AFitRec$6817 years +Item DetailsWaitlistRead Notice

    312523 - Aerial Dance Core Fundamentals

    This is a perfect class for aerial dance beginners or those who wish to increase their upper body and core strength. We will focus on different muscle groups to improve your stamina, endurance, stability and coordination. You will learn the fundamentals of working on the ropes and silks and will be prepared to learn more challenging skills at the completion of the course.

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    312523-0207/19/16- 08/02/16Tu 6:00P- 7:00PFitRec$6017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart
    312523-0407/13/16- 07/27/16W 6:00P- 7:00PFitRec$6017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart

    312524 - Aerial Dance Silks Skills

    Learn to climb, swing, drop, flip, spin, and perform using two vertical lengths of very strong, Aerial Silk material suspended from the ceiling of the 3 Court Gym. Aerial Silks is a highly effective and exciting way to strengthen and shape your entire body. Work to improve your grip strength, coordination, and flexibility and develop stronger shoulders and tighter abs while performing climbs, inversions, holds, and rotations on the silks. Wear comfortable, tight-fitting clothing (tights or leggings, no wide-bottom pants) and make sure that your stomach, the backs of the knees, and armpits are covered. All levels are welcome.

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    312524-0207/18/16- 08/01/16M 6:00P- 7:15PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart
    312524-0407/18/16- 08/01/16M 7:15P- 8:30PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart
    312524-0607/19/16- 08/02/16Tu 7:00P- 8:15PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart
    312524-0807/14/16- 07/28/16Th 6:00P- 7:15PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart

    312525 - Aerial Silks, Intermediate

    For aerialists already proficient with silks, looking to focus more on musicality and composition: Transform your aerial skills into movement sequences with flair. This class will explore musicality, style variations, and smooth aerial transitions while building longer sequences in the air. Students should be comfortable inverting in the air (both straddle inversions and knee hooks). No dance or performance experience necessary.

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    312525-0207/14/16- 07/28/16Th 7:15P- 8:30PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsWaitlistAdd to Cart

    312535 - Aerial Dance Mixed Apparatus

    Learn the foundations for good technique on trapeze, lyra or aerial hoop, and silks. Gain strength, coordination, and flexibility while building new skills on each apparatus. If you are inspired by one piece of equipment, get the opportunity to deepen your mastery on it as the session progresses.

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    312535-0207/13/16- 07/27/16W 7:15P- 8:30PFitRec$7017 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312621 - Contemporary Ballet

    This is a traditional ballet warm up fused with unconventional ways of moving through space and creating abstract shapes to develop your movement vocabulary. Further develop your technical ballet skills while expressing yourself with unique choreography that focuses on physicality, musicality and the expressive components of contemporary dance. Traditional barre followed by contemporary center work and choreography.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312621-0207/12/16- 08/09/16Tu 7:00P- 8:15PFitRec$8017 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312687 - Ballroom and Swing

    If you have dreams of tripping the light fantastic or of merely surviving the wedding season, here is the place to take that first step. Ballroom is a skill that gives you a lifetime of benefits and fun. Develop great posture, confidence, and enjoyment on the dance floor. Instruction includes

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312687-0207/13/16- 08/10/16W 6:30P- 7:30PFitRec$7517 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312738 - BollyX

    BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. Its 50-minute cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated all at the same time. This powerful total body dance workout for all tones your entire body and burns serious calories. No prior dance experience is required.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312738-0207/12/16- 08/09/16Tu 6:00P- 7:00PFitRec$7517 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312742 - Hip-Hop

    This class is great for those new or returning to Hip Hop. Students will get an overview of Hip Hop styles including house, krump, lyrical and breakdance.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312742-0207/12/16- 08/09/16Tu 7:00P- 8:00PFitRec$7517 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    312771 - Jazz

    Technique class in jazz dance emphasizing mastery of fundamental jazz principles, development of lyrical jazz styles, and learning combinations to traditional and contemporary jazz music.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    312771-0207/11/16- 08/08/16M 7:15P- 8:45PFitRec$7517 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
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