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    211101 - Learn to Belay

    This 2 day, 3 hour course will prepare you to pass the standard belay test given at every climbing gym. Perfect for those who need a refresher or want to learn the basics for the first time.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211101-1204/04/17- 04/06/17Tu, Th 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$5516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211101-1304/10/17- 04/12/17M, W 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$5516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211101-1504/24/17- 04/26/17M, W 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$5516 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    211201 - Climbing Fundamentals

    Learn all the skills necessary to pass the Top Rope Qualifier Test. Instruction will include rope management and climbing knots, belay technique, climbing commands, basic climbing movement, and safety procedures.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211201-0802/28/17- 03/21/17Tu 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-0903/02/17- 03/23/17Th 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-1003/27/17- 04/17/17See DetailsSee DetailsSee Details$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-1103/28/17- 04/18/17Tu 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-1303/30/17- 04/20/17Th 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-1504/01/17- 04/22/17Sa 2:30P- 4:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211201-1604/02/17- 04/23/17Su 2:30P- 4:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    211211 - Women's Climbing

    This women's only class will serve as a continuation to the women's beginner climbing class, with a focus on technique and strength training in a supportive and encouraging environment.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211211-0203/21/17- 04/25/17Tu 6:00P- 7:00PFitRec$6516 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    211301 - Movement and Technique

    This intermediate class focuses on improving climbers' understanding of movement, climbing technique, training methods, and advanced uses of climbing gear. Prerequisite: Participants must know how to belay prior to the first day of class.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211301-0403/01/17- 03/22/17W 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211301-0503/28/17- 04/18/17Tu 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211301-0603/29/17- 04/26/17W 7:00P- 8:30PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    211301-0703/30/17- 04/20/17Th 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$7516 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    211399 - BUOC Climbing Competition

    We are back and super psyched for our Second Annual BU FitRock Climbing Comp! This year will be bigger and better, with new holds, a fresh set of 70+ boulder problems, and a possibly unsustainable level of enthusiasm!

    This competition is intended for climbers of all experience levels, and there will be prizes for the winners of each division. The event will culminate in a final showdown of the top 3 advanced male and female climbers, starting at 9:30pm - we will be open to spectators, so come to cheer your friends and meet the BU outdoor recreation community.

    This competition will be held on Friday, April 14th. Competitors will be sorted into 6 divisions based on ability and gender. Preliminary climbing times will run from 3p-5p, 5p-7p, and 7p-9p with finals beginning at 9:30pm.

    Registration is $20 for students/members, $25 for non-members. BUOC competition t-shirts can be reserved upon your reservation and paid for in cash at the event. Space is limited, so reserve your spot sooner rather than later - we will accommodate day of registrations if possible, but cannot guarantee them!

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211399-0104/14/17- 04/14/17F 3:00P- 5:00PFitRec$2511 years +Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    211399-0204/14/17- 04/14/17F 5:00P- 7:00PFitRec$2511 years +Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    211399-0304/14/17- 04/14/17F 7:00P- 9:00PFitRec$2511 years +Item DetailsFullRead Notice

    211401 - Lead Climbing

    The Lead Climbing class is 6 hour course designed to teach participants how to lead climb in a gym. The class will progress from explanations of how lead climbing and belaying work to in class practice.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211401-0203/29/17- 04/26/17W 5:30P- 7:00PFitRec$8516 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    211411 - Gym to Crag Intensive

    This class is designed to prepare competent gym climbers for their first trips outside. Topics include lead climbing, rapelling, building and cleaning anchors, and risk management in an outdoor setting.

    Section No.DatesDaysTimesLocationFeeAges      Single Icon      Status      Cart Icon
    211411-0203/20/17- 04/24/17See DetailsSee DetailsSee Details$16016 years +Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
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